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  I ran across the Ainiro safe when I saw a friend had one. Being the curious type, I proceeded to have them send me one. I liked that the Ainiro had both fingerprint and numerical code access. It can hold 1 large framed pistol comfortably, or 2 if they are Glock 17 size or smaller.


  The Ainiro is pretty functional. As long as you don’t expect it to keep career criminals out. It’s all steel exterior is nicely finished. Although I would like a little stronger steel on the lid, more on that later. It is foam padded on the inside, not the thickest foam, but not bare metal either. The biometric sensor is easily accessible, as is the numerical keypad and key slot. The safe also comes with a wire cable to secure it to something strong. Or it also has 2 screws that can be used to mount it to a flat surface. The holes are pre drilled in the bottom of the safe for the screws, and a slot is at the rear corner for the cable.

  Setup on the Ainiro is really easy. Install the 4 AA batteries, which are not included. Use the instructions to program a code in. The number code must be at least 5 digits and up to 10. Two keys are also included. The keys are actual keys, not the barrel type typically found on cheaper stuff. Then you can program fingerprints in. It allows up to 30 fingerprints. Because it is a biometric sensor, I recommend storing about 5 or so with each finger you plan to use. Do the sides, tip, etc of one finger, then the next, and so on. That way there is a better chance that the reader will read your finger under stress.

  One of the things I like about the Ainiro safe is the triple opening options. Even though the biometric reader has a less than 1 second read time, sometimes the biometric sensor wont read your fingerprint. You then have 2 other options to open the safe. Let’s be honest here, biometric readers are cool, but they can still be unpredictable. Mine wont read my fingerprint if I have a cut on my finger, or if some skin has recently been roughened up on it. Get some dried super glue on your fingertip, and it just won't read it. But don’t worry, that code you entered will still work. Just type that code in, press “OK”, and the Ainiro pops right open. The key is basically a backup for if the batteries die, at least for me. The fingerprint reader actually performed very good for me, minus when I had other problems noted above. I just switched fingers when it gave me the flashing red light, then it usually opened right up.


  To put the Ainiro into perspective, I call it a rapid storage box. Partially because a “safe” implies a bit of work to get into. This Ainiro is great if you want something to keep children or others from gaining access to your pistol and still have almost immediate access yourself. I wouldn’t hesitate to put this on a nightstand or something similar. But there is the question about breaking into it. You can pry the lid up by sliding a butterknife between the lid and the frame. Enough so that you can get something stronger into it and pry on it. Until either the lid bends, but more likely is that the plastic locking latch will break. I didn’t pry on it enough to break the latch, but I see how it is highly possible. It does flex the lid quite a bit when prying on it with the knife. 


  Another option to use the Ainiro in, would be a car. I say this loosely, because it needs to be placed somewhere it can’t be seen, maybe a trunk. But, because of the supplied cable, it can be wrapped around a semi-permanent fixture, like a seat mounting base. If it gives you a safer storage option than “your car is not a holster”, when you run into some place like a post office, or federal building, then it may have just done its job. The Ainiro is not water or air tight, so don’t plan on using it in a boat, if you get the idea.

The Ainiro safe is a good concept. If you need quick access to a firearm, it might be just the ticket. If you need to keep it super secure, it might not. I do like the “safe”. Having backups to backups, makes it function like a quick access safe should. If it is to keep honest people honest, then it would be a good little bedside safe. You can check it out on or Amazon if you're interested.



Small storage case with fingerprint opening


Those wanting quick access to a handgun, but still a safe storage method


3 modes of access - Key, fingerprint, or code

Exterior is all steel

Holds 2 regular size pistols 

Exterior size - 11.49 x 9.17 x 3.07 inches; Interior size - 10.63x 6.69 x 2.91 inches

Weight - 5.8 lbs

Cable and mounting screws included

Uses 4 AA batteries - not included

8-10 month battery life


Newer Version

Butter knife can beat this safe

The locking mechanism is, believe it or not, plastic. A sturdy butter knife can break into this safe. Took me about 1 minute.

5 stars on Amazon

Well done for its intended purpose

The gun safe is well built with no sharp edges, and is easy to operate. It has enough room for two Glock 19-size handguns. The instructions are clear on how to add new codes and fingerprints. The only real down-sides I see are that the fingerprint reader can be finicky and the internal foam isn't very thick. It is clear that the intended purpose is to deter others and secure your guns, but it would not prevent a determined criminal from opening it. It would absolutely work for securing guns away from children.


- Well built

- No sharp edges

- Button beeps can be disabled (still makes some noise when opening but is far quieter)

- No internal spring that "over-springs" the lid when opening

- Easy to use and setup


- Internal foam seems a little thin

- Fingerprint reader can be picky if your finger is not placed on the sensor exactly as it was when you programmed it


Amazon or Ainiro



Multiple opening options (Key, Fingerprint, Code)

Decent size

Cable and mounting screws included

Stores up to 30 fingerprints

Quick access with fingerprint or keypad

Easily programmed


Thin metal - Lid can be pried up with a pocket knife

Fingerprint reader can be finicky

Plastic latch, as noted in Amazon review - Can be broken fairly easy

SCORE: 9.5/10  OKAY


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